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Includes over 80 blossoms. There is no limit to what you can do with these blossoms. They began as a lovely add on for the vines and turned into accents for furniture, tiles, mirrors, picture frames and more! They are so diminutive that you can put them on anything. Blossoms range in size from 1" to 2.5" each.
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About Tatouage-
Have you ever imagined the look of hand painted artwork in your home or work place?  Can't afford to hire an expensive Decorative Artist?  Well now you can enhance almost any hard surface with the same look and feel, only at a fraction of the cost with Tatouage Designs!
What is Tatouage?
Tatouage is a high resolution dry rub transfer that requires no artistic ability to apply. There is no paint, no glue, no water, no fumes and absolutely no mess!  You simply decide where you want to apply your Tatouage, cut out the design (leaving at least 1/4 inch border), remove the protective backing, rub the design on with the burnishing stick and your done. It's truly that easy!   However the best part about Tatouage is the detail.  Every brush stroke hand painted in the original can be seen in the Tatouage!

What Tatouage is NOT-
Tatouage is NOT a stencil.  Stencils are not only messy, but require artistic ability, do not provide much detail and can be very costly.
Tatouage is NOT a sticker or decal.  It is sophisticated permanent decorative art.  Because it has no halo and is not raised, simply paint right over it if you decide to change your decor or are a renter.
Tatouage is NOT wallpaper.  There is no glue, water or mess!

Who can use Tatouage?
Everyone!  We did the hard part of painting the detailed designs so no artistic ability is needed.  Because it is non toxic, anyone who is pregnant or has breathing difficulties can use Tatouage.  Whether you are 5 or 95, it's a project the whole family can enjoy together!

Most of all HAVE FUN! 

80 Count Flower Bloom Mega Pack

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Sale Price: $12.49
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