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About Tatouage Designs

About Dry Rub Transfers
(All of our Tatouage Murals and Accents are "Dry Rub Transfers").
Imagine an image, such as hand painted artwork that has been digitally copied and then duplicated on special paper with a patented backing. The duplicated painting stays on the paper until you literally "transfer" the painting permanently from the paper onto your wall with a simple rubbing applicator. As you rub the applicator (included) over the "transfer", the paint actually "transfers" from the backing onto your wall or surface and soaks into your wall like paint thereby giving the look and feel of "hand painted"artwork. There is no "lift" or indication that the mural was not hand painted. There are only a handful of printing manufactures in the world that can produce these transfers and it is expensive and time consuming.
Not only is a dry rub transfer easy to apply but you can overlay one design over another as if you were painting!
For example, if you have a "coral reef" on your wall and later you want to add more fish, no problem. Rub the new fish over the existing mural and just like you were painting, the new fish blends right in and absorbs into your wall. And don't forget the incredible detail, every brush stroke that is hand painted in the original artwork can be seen in the Tatouage Dry Rub Transfer! 
What Tatouage is NOT-
Tatouage is NOT a stencil.  Stencils are messy and do not provide much detail .
Tatouage is NOT a removable transfer (sticker) or decal. It is permanent decorative art with all the feel and look of hand painting.  There is no glue, water or mess and and because you can overlay Tatouage products, your mural can be customized so that it is unique.
Who can use Tatouage?
Everyone!  We did the hard part of painting the detailed designs so no artistic ability is needed.  Because it is non toxic, anyone who is pregnant or has breathing difficulties can use Tatouage.  Whether you are 5 or 95, it's a project the whole family can enjoy together!

What can I expect my end result to be?
Your end result is a mural that looks hand painted and if you choose can be customized for  look that is unique to your home. You can be as creative or simple as you like.  Marvel in the pride you will feel in doing it yourself and the instant gratification and enjoy the reaction that you will get from family and friends! 

About Our Removable Transfers
(Otherwise known as "stick ons" or "re-positionable and/or removable")

This product is printed on high tech material which you peel off from the backing and attach to your wall. The new materials are thin and there is no "halo" or edge around the image like in the old days. The beauty of this product is that you can take it down and with some care move it from one room to another. The art work is perfectly copied and while the finished product does not have the look of  "hand painted" art work, it is still very good plus it's removable!

All of the "WellVersedWalls", "Extraordinary Removables", "Toilet Tattoos", and "Fat Heads" are produced and marketed as Removable Transfers,  "Stick ons"or "Re-positionable".

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